Sunday, 5 August 2012

Meals for BLW Babies and their Families - Part II

Following on from my previous collection of meal ideas for Baby Led Weaning babies and their families, here is another selection of meals we have enjoyed together.
As before, Lucinda has eaten all these types of meals since six months old. They are easy to adapt if your baby and/or family has special dietary requirements or allergies. Quantities and measurements are not specific. Adjust accordingly, depending on how many people you are feeding!...

Multi-coloured Pasta with Mozzarella and SunBlush Tomatoes

Multi-coloured (Three colour) pasta shapes or spaghetti
SunBlush (Semi-dried) tomatoes

This is a really quick and easy meal and I like to think that it's colourfulness is good for sensory development too! I often buy the packs of mini mozzarellas and SunBlush tomatoes that come together in a seasoned oil, so everything I need is conveniently packaged together! Although, of course, you can purchase separately too.
First of all, put the pasta in a pan to be simmering for a few minutes. While it is cooking, chop the tomatoes up into smaller pieces. If I am eating alone I leave them as whole slices but I chop them up for Lucinda as they can be a bit chewy. If you have a whole large mozzarella slice that up too. If you have mini mozzarellas you can leave those as they are.
When the pasta is cooked, drain it and then add the tomatoes, mozzarella and a small amount of oil (just enough oil to coat lightly). Return to the heat and stir through until mozzarella is melted and gooey.
I usually serve it on it's own, but it works equally well as part of a larger meal or with salad or garlic bread, etc.

Potato Wedges and Dips

Olive Oil
Dips (Mayonnaise, Salsa, Guacamole, Houmous, etc)

Pre-heat oven to approx. gas mark 6 (or equivalent). Chop potatoes into large wedges. Place on baking tray and drizzle with olive oil. Cook in the oven for 40 mins to one hour, turning half way. You may also be able to use sweet potatoes for this recipe, although I haven't tried it myself.
When wedges are almost ready, put dips into little dishes (or egg cups) if you have any. Straight on the plate is fine if not though. I've just found that babies particularly like to dip, especially from a small pot! Dips we have had before are mayonnaise with a bit of tomato purée stirred into it, avocado mashed into a guacamole and tomato salsa. This is how I make tomato salsa…
Chop up tomato, red onion and a small amount of chilli. I don't always have chillis in stock so I usually squirt in a pea-sized amount of chilli purée. Mix together.
Arrange wedges on a plate with a selection of dips.

Mini Pitta Bread Sandwiches

Mini Pitta Breads
Fillings of you choice

Preparation is as simple as slicing open the pitta breads and inserting filling of choice. My little girl loves these, she thinks they are made especially for her because they're small. Ideas for fillings are tuna & sweetcorn mayo, grated cheese, cream cheese, egg & cress mayo, cold meats, etc, with or without salad. They are also really tasty, warm, with chilli and melted cheese. They also make a tasty and convenient picnic food.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Torch Play

Lucinda loves torches. She has her own wind-up one and she likes to play with it for a few minutes after we've turned the light off after bedtime stories. We've thought of several games to play with it. Here are our favourites...

Shadow songs
I prop the torch so it's shining on the wall and then we sing nursery rhymes while making the actions project onto the wall with our hands. It's really effective, especially for Incy Wincy Spider and Wind the Bobbin Up. We also make stories up and try to create shadow characters.

Catch the light
This is where Lucinda gets under the duvet and I shine the torch through from the outside. She has to try and catch the light before I move it. She thinks it's hilarious when she's just about to touch the light but then it moves to the other side of the bed!

We also like shining the torch through our hands to see our bones. Or up our noses to make them glow!